CLARKSBURG — Normally on Saturday I take the time to put together what is referred to as a high school football notebook.

It’s an item that regularly appears in Sunday’s sports section where we expand on a key moment or sequence or player from Friday night’s action.

It’s an item that includes stat updates for area players, specifically for ones moving up career lists.

We try to get some information on area games we didn’t have by Friday night’s deadline in the notebook. We try to look ahead at important matchups coming up or what the SSAC ratings might look like on Tuesday.

There is no high school football notebook in today’s edition.

Today isn’t about wins or losses. Today isn’t about clutch touchdowns. Today isn’t about playoff positioning. It’s not a day to think about rivalries or milestones or numbers.

Today is a day to think about Dylan Jeffries.

Dylan, a senior on the South Harrison football team, was seriously injured late in Friday’s game against Lincoln.

I was not at this game so I don’t know any of the details of what happened when the game was stopped with 8:42 left in the fourth quarter.

Dylan was put on a stretcher and taken out of the stadium in an ambulance. Soon after he was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital.

He underwent emergency surgery for a blood clot on his brain which led to swelling of the brain. He’s been sedated to allow his body to respond to everything it has been through and is being closely monitored by the doctors.

There is a vigil planned for 7 p.m. today at the South Harrison football field.

That information comes from friends and family posting on social media sites and messages between staff members and assistant coaches.

This isn’t a time for the sports department to pry. Family, friends, teammates and coaches deserve this time to devote their full attention to Dylan.

I do have one suggestion though.

A lot of people are still excited about WVU’s win on Saturday. A lot of people are still talking about what their team did on Friday night. Many of us will be glued to televisions today watching the NFL.

We all love football and we will all continue to love football. But let’s all take a moment and put that to the side today.

Let’s forget for one day who our favorite teams are. Let’s forget about rushing yards and depth charts. Let us remember that football is just a game — a game we are all passionate about and one that reminds us just how dangerous it can be in an instant.

Let’s all be Dylan Jeffries fans today.

Through our thoughts, prayers, warm wishes and good will, let’s all show Dylan Jeffries that every one of us is rooting for him.