CLARKSBURG — The cellular telephone of a woman accused in the alleged systematic torture of a 2-year-old girl will be a key piece of evidence in the case against her and her lover, a state motion indicates.

In the case, Kelsey B. Turner, 21, of Stonewood, is charged with 41 counts of child abuse resulting in injury, 19 counts of malicious assault, one count of misdemeanor obstructing, one count of child abuse creating substantial risk of serious injury, one count of presentation of false information regarding a child’s injuries, and one count of using a minor to produce obscene matter.

Codefendant Frank Cherubino, 52, also of Stonewood, is charged with using a minor to produce obscene matter, felony child neglect creating substantial risk of injury or death, and obstructing.

The obscene matter allegation against both defendants involves their son, who was 2 months old at the time, according to authorities. The girl named as the alleged victim in the other charges is Turner’s child with a different father, the motion by Harrison Assistant Prosecutor Traci Cook contends.

Turner’s cell phone was obtained by Harrison Sheriff’s Lt. P.B. McCarty and Sheriff’s Sgt. R.G. Waybright II. The phone contains several photographs of the 2-year-old girl taken on Aug. 24, according to Cook’s motion.

“According to these pictures, the only injury (the girl) had as of (6 p.m.) on August 24, 2012, was a scrape on her left ankle,” Cook asserted.

By 10:43 p.m Aug. 26, Turner had called 911 and “reported that her 2-year-old daughter ... fell down steps and was unresponsive,” Cook alleged.

Internet searches on the phone also help set the timeline, Cook asserts.

According to Cook, those searches included:

— “my 2 yr old is pale and cold and eyes are rolld back in her head,” at 1:50.30 p.m. Aug. 25.

— “welcometo-circle-of-moms (percent sign)2Fworstmom-ever,” at 1:58.54 p.m. Aug. 25.

— “my 2 yr old got germ x and dial soap in her eyes,” at 2:21.37 Aug. 25.

— “what happens if my 2 yr old ate cigarette ashes,” at 7:52.32 p.m. Aug. 25.

— “how to get rid ofbruises in 24 hours,” at 10:02.54 a.m. Aug. 26.

Based on searches, photos and the treating doctor’s observations, the deputies pinpointed the start of abuse by at least 1:38.23 p.m. Aug. 25, Cook alleges.

“Thereafter, the child suffered horrific and severe torture over the day and a half consisting of being repeatedly burned with cigarettes; beaten over and over again with a plastic kitchen spoon; intentionally shook or struck with such force as to cause hemorrhaging in the right eye, a laceration to her scalp, and bruising on her arms; scratched; left to sit in a diaper filled with feces and urine to the point that her skin was chemically burned and peeling off; and fed copious amounts of dried red pepper seeds such that the seeds continued to be in her stool for the next three days,” Cook alleges.

Based on witness statements and telephone records, the lawmen established Turner inflicted the injuries on the 2-year-old girl, that she lied to investigators, and that she had her telephone the entire weekend, Cook asserts.

Also, the deputies established that Cherubino was home with Turner “and would have seen the child when (she) was abused by Ms. Turner, and that Mr. Cherubino made false statements and conflicting statements to the investigating officers,” Cook asserts.

In the case in which the 2-month-old son of the couple was the alleged victim, the state has two photos, Cook alleges. Both show the child in an obscene manner, the indictment alleges.

Harrison Circuit Judge Thomas A. Bedell is presiding over the case.

Turner and Cherubino have pleaded innocent.

Turner has been jailed on $1.1 million bond since Aug. 27.

Cherubino continues to work for the City of Clarksburg’s Public Works Department while free on $1.1 million bond.